Divino Cafe Especial - Bourbon Rosado (med.)

Divino Cafe Especial - Bourbon Rosado (med.)

250g beans

Please e-transfer $17 with your order (# of bags, size of bags, type of blend) to [email protected]

Danny's Homes is happy to sell our partner Divino Cafe Especial's coffee for the first time in Canada. The coffee is bought directly from Layo, a farmer in Colombia that operates one of the best quality farms in the region. We are happy to pay him his asking price, which is well above "fair trade" prices. The proceeds from each bag help fund Danny's Homes' campaigns and initiatives. 

About this blend: 

The Bourbon Rosado blend is a medium roast harvested at 1,500 metres above sea level, in the Pitalito - Huila region in Colombia. It has a sweet flavour with hints of cherry, berries and a floral aroma. Colombian coffee is best served as espresso, or in a French or aero press. Read more about the cafe here.  

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